Anchored Preacher Curls


Exercise: Anchored Bicep Curl

Target Muscle: Biceps


Anchor the resistance band at shoulder/chest level. Grab the Resistance Band with both hands, and pull all of the slack out of the band, positioning your arms stretched out in front of you. Utilize a staggered stance (feet are spread to the width of the hips and the toe of one foot is on a line behind the heel of the other foot) so that you are stable. Keeping your upper arms in this position, stretched out in front of you, bend only at the elbows, curling with your biceps, bringing your hands toward your face until you have completed the full range of motion, pausing momentarily at peak contraction. Keep your form strict and perform the movement in a controlled manner.

This exercise can be incorporated at any point in your workout. It is better to choose a lighter resistance and ensure you are using proper form and working the target muscle group.

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