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This exercise is a unilateral movement targeting the upper back. It can be incorporated into your program at any point during your workout, but I suggest using this exercise at the end of your workout as a “finishing” movement. Since this is a unilateral movement, only working one side of the back at a time, there is no need to rest after performing the exercise for only one side of your back. You can immediately follow with a set for the other side of your back. Of course, take a rest if you absolutely need it. After you have completed a set for both sides of the back, you can incorporate a rest period. My suggestion is a 30 second to 1-minute rest before performing the exercise again.

I like to start with a higher repetition set, typically reaching failure in the 20-30 repetition range, followed by increasing the resistance and lowering the repetition range, reaching failure in the 10-15 repetition range. I like to perform several sets with increased resistance, reaching failure in the 10-15 repetition range. Once you reach the last set that you will perform for each side, lower the resistance level back down and increase the repetitions. A good suggestion is to drop back down to the same resistance you used during your first set. Perform a “burnout” set, doing as many repetitions as possible until reaching failure, typically in the 15-30 repetition range.

This exercise is not about how much resistance you are using but is about achieving a strong mind to muscle connection, focusing on contracting and squeezing the muscle, making the most of the point of peak contraction.

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