Bands With Brandon | Wrap Around Most Muscular

Grab the resistance band, placing your hands on either side of the inside of the band, with palms facing out. Holding this position, bring the band overhead and behind your upper back. Position the band where it is wrapping around your back at just below shoulder level, just above your triceps.

Position yourself with a shoulder width stance where you feel most stable. Make a fist as you grab the loops of each end of the band. The beginning position is very similar to that of a traditional chest press with either weights or machines.

Press the band in front of you while rotating your hands at the same time. Your pinkie fingers will be touching each other at the fully extended position of the exercise, with your palms facing the sky. This will emphasize the contraction of the chest even more while performing the press. Hold the contraction for a brief moment before returning to the beginning position. Repeat for repetitions.

Keep your body upright and rigid as you perform the movement. Make sure you are focusing on using your chest to complete the pressing movement, not your arms.
This exercise is named after the Most Muscular pose that bodybuilders perform on stage during a competition.

Perform this exercise for multiple sets, resting up to a minute between sets.

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