I have been an avid health and fitness enthusiast since I was in middle school. I followed the traditional fitness recommendations of a high protein, low carbohydrate, low fat diet, with extreme caloric restriction and endless cardio. Following this diet allowed me to lose fat, but I found that it was a miserable process and was not sustainable for me. My life became a cycle of yo-yo dieting. My life was periods of gradually gaining weight followed by months of extreme dieting. At 18 years of age I was hired by the Police Department where I lived and married the love of my life. In the years that followed we had five children and I worked a plethora of different assignments, shifts, and extensive hours of overtime. I found my motivation for health and fitness was declining and I was beginning to think that living lean and fit year round was not possible for a husband and father with a demanding career. I reached my heaviest weight, was always exhausted, had daily pain from nagging injuries, low quality sleep, and was struggling with PTSD related issues (anxiety, depression, paranoia) from my law enforcement career.

It was almost three years ago that I discovered the ketogenic diet and my life changed forever! I later implemented intermittent fasting in addition to the ketogenic diet and experienced incredible results. Over the course of my ketogenic journey I have lost 35 lbs and have been able to maintain a lean and fit physique year round! My energy, mental clarity, and focus increased dramatically. The inflammation in my body was greatly reduced, leading to minimal pain with my nagging injuries. The quality of my sleep improved dramatically! The most incredible benefit of the ketogenic diet was that I completely healed from the PTSD issues that I had been struggling with!

Over the course of my fitness journey, finding that I had very limited time to dedicate to exercising, I began researching and structuring my exercise routine around calisthenics (bodyweight exercises) that I could perform at home. I found this style of training to be incredibly effective and that it fit my lifestyle perfectly! I now only perform calisthenics and resistance band training and I workout at home! I have never had a gym membership!

My goal is to help others, especially those juggling families and demanding careers, learn how they can live healthy, lean, and fit year round without starving themselves, without spending endless hours of cardio, and enjoying food they love to eat, all in the comfort of their own home if they so choose!