My goal is to help people not only meet their goals but also learn things about themselves and their bodies that may have been holding them back. My approach is a very humble and transparent approach to not only hold you accountable but also give you information for a
sustainable lifestyle. Everyone's body is different and finding what works for you is key. I have spent my entire life suffering from binge eating and GI issues.Throughout my adult life this has sabotaged my happiness with strength training due to a unhappiness of my own aesthetics.. I have tracked macros and followed nutrition guidelines for 15 years. Although knowledgeable, nothing worked. I have dabbled with a ketogenic/low-carb lifestyle for the past few years
intermittently but always diverted back to higher carbs and binge eating. By following a strict ketogenic protocol I was able to curb my binge eating and sugar cravings and lose a fair amount of water weight and fat I was holding on to. Recently I have been diagnosed with being sucrose/fructose intolerant explaining for my lifelong issues with carbs. I am excited to work with you and share my knowledge to help you meet your goals and build a long-lasting
sustainable lifestyle.