Why do I sometimes ...

Why do I sometimes get nauseous after eating?  

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06/09/2018 8:44 am  

@holly  Hi Holly!!!  Thank-you for the compliment/appreciation & thank-you for letting us know about that salt conversion, so that was new to me, & essentially means you would do 2 1/2 times the amount for salt!!!  I never knew this!!  This is why I love these community boards, I always learn something new!!! 😍  😍  😍 

FYI Rapunzel Vegan vegetable bouillon does not contain MSG, but it does contain Yeast Extract, & contrary to popular misconceptions, yeast extract is not MSG.  The confusion is because yeast extract has glutamates in it, just like the natural glutamate in bone broth and aged cheeses. However, it also contains other compounds that contribute to its unique flavor.  Glutamates are naturally occurring in a wide range of foods, especially if fermented or slowly cooked or simmered and are responsible for what we identify as  savory flavors. 😋 

MSG, on the other hand, is a highly concentrated, synthetic and processed form of glutamic acid. It is currently made by bacterial fermentation, and nothing else. The issues with the safety and side effects of MSG are well known including obesity and headaches among other problems.

Some individuals are sensitive to both MSG and various yeast extracts. But many people who are sensitive to MSG are not sensitive to yeast and other forms of glutamates.  The only way you would know if you are sensitive to this is if you try it slowly in small amounts & build up.

I hope this helps too!! 🙂 

I am so glad you are feeling better!!  😍 Fat adaption can bring on these issues, but it is all part of learning how our bodies react & operate!!  Yes, we are rooting for you & want the best for you!!!! 😀  😀  😀  😀 


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16/09/2018 8:06 pm  

MSG is not dangerous:   https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-msg-got-a-bad-rap-flawed-science-and-xenophobia/  

"But those early studies had essential flaws, including that participants knew whether or not they were consuming MSG. Subsequent research has found that the vast majority of people, even those claiming a sensitivity to MSG, don’t have any reaction when they don’t know they are eating it."

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