Carbs in Espresso???  


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13/08/2018 1:55 pm  

Is it true, are there carbs in cold brew coffee? I've always thought it was carb-free, but now when I started tracking my first day I realized there are carbs in there.

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13/08/2018 5:10 pm  

@AMurena  Hi there!!  It could depend on which tracker you use, the amount of coffee & what product you are you describe as Cold Brew Coffee, as they are all not the same!! 😊

When just thinking about coffee, an ounce of espresso has just half a gram of carbs, while an 8 ounce cup of plain brewed coffee is 0 carbs.   When I get cold brew coffee at Starbucks, if it is just 8 ounces, it says 0 carbs on their label & it is just that coffee, & in that there may be trace carbs, but they don't have to report that less than 1 carb on the label.  Stok cold-brew has 2 carbs according to My fitness Pal as well as Stok nutritional labels.  When you look at the ingredients listed, some cold brews say the have flavorings in them, & while it may or may not have some "sugar" in it, they sometimes have carbs.  Other products for example I used to love to drink OMilk's Cold-Brew Coffee with Almond Milk that has no sugar in it, but it has 8 carbs in an 8 ounce jar.  Some trackers round up for less than a carb (depending on size of the drink), & others round down. When I deal with less than 1 carb items, I stay consistent usually rounding up, & avoiding any possible troubles as I have T2 diabetes.   😀

So the bottom line is read ingredient/nutrition labels & use that info in your tracker & pick what you are going to do about things with less than 1 carb & stay consistent in your application, that way you always know where you stand! 😊  

Good luck to you, & all the best to you too!!! 😀  😀  😀  😀 


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