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03/04/2019 2:50 pm  

Hi y'all! 

In my wife's family there is a tradition each week that on Wednesday nights the family gathers around the table and partakes in a spaghetti and meatball dinner, served with salad and Texas toast. I've quit eating the spaghetti and toast long ago, so now my Wednesday meal is something like a meatball salad lol. However, now that I'm tracking my macros hardcore, I'm hesitant to even eat that since I cannot be sure the ratio of ground beef to sausage my father-in-law uses for the meatballs (or if those will be the only ingredients in them), and I think bringing my kitchen scale over to weigh the portions would appear a bit extreme. My strategy tonight is to bring my own dinner, prepared in advance, and to just explain a little about what I'm up to. I think this is better than eating in advance and then fasting through dinner time at the table, right?

I would love other suggestions about handling situations with family who might not be the most understanding. I definitely don't want to hurt feelings but can't jeopardize my goals either! Anyone else out there made into a little bit of a black sheep of the family by their diet?


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John C. Herceg

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04/04/2019 3:20 pm  

You did exactly what I would have done. As I was reading this message, I already had that in my head to help you. But, you were already planning on it. Kudos!

For dealing with family... That's a bit of a hard one. For me, it was my in-laws. I personally didn't care and if they had a problem with it, it was on them. Super harsh I know. I'm actually a really nice person, I swear. Yet, as you said, you have goals and you want to do the best for yourself. I think through the best you can do, is to explain it to them and you are doing it for you and your health and you are feeling great while doing it.

Sarah Allen
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09/04/2019 7:39 am  

Bro, you OWNED that! I've had to do that myself, as well, at family dinners. Both my parents and my in-laws! I have no problem bringing my own dinner, but my in-laws will sometimes take that as an insult. So now I make it a point to visit when it's NOT meal time. At least until I'm finished with DSK 😉

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11/04/2019 11:12 am  

Haha, thanks for the support, @ladyallen ! It was especially awkward when my wife's father looked at my plate and was like, "You're not eating my food?" (Like I hadn't already explained that I'd be eating something I'd brought from home.)  Then my mom-in-law says, "I think you might be looking TOO skinny." (I'm at just under 20% body fat, BTW.) I just smiled and said that we all have the goals we set for ourselves. These are mine. I'm trying not to follow the example set by them and my own parents, all 4 are on statins and blood pressure meds, plus other stuff. Future spaghetti dinner nights ought to go a little smoother now that I've set a precedent. Or, maybe not lol.

Keep up the good fight!


John C. Herceg


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