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I am on day 4 of DSK.  Eric Berg recommends 4000+ mg of potassium, his and Zipp fizz get your to 1000, others like Vega and such more like 250.  So I ordered Potasssium Citrate from bulk supplements and cannot for the life of me figure out the proper dose.  It's important because there are medical problems from taking too much.

I had a terrible headache this morning, took a zipp fizz and gone.  So I want to make this a regime but I want to avoid the 2 carbs from the Zipp and the caffeine.  So can someone tell me how much of this is a good dose to get me say to 2000 mcg?


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For example how many 1/4 teaspoon.   Please.

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@ken So keto vitals would be my recommendation. Also, You do not need to supplement 4000mg of potassium. Most people thrive on a 2:1 salt to potassium ratio. So if your eating 5,000mg of sodium you only need 2,500mg of potassium. A 1/4 tsp of pure potassium is ruffly 500mg of potassium. I hope that helps.


So i would do 1/2  a tsp. That would give you a 1,000 through supplementation and then the rest you will eat in your diet. 


1/2 tsp it is.  10g carbs comes quick ... 2 in zip fizz, eggs have carbs and so on.


I haven't tracked sodium, just use himalayan sea salt shaker relatively liberally.  




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