What to do if I have to break the DSK program for 3 days  



Hi Jonathan,

I'm following the DSK program strictly, but I'm going on a business trip in two weeks.  I'm worried that I might not be able to follow the plans because I will be eating out with coworkers, and it will be very awkward to get the scale out and try to measure everything that I eat. I'm currently in WK3 of Phase 1, and will be in WK5 of Phase 1 then. Any suggestions there?

Thanks a lot!

3 Answers

Hey! So  for me personally, even on business trips I will bring out my scale. I dont really care if they look at my funny, I have goals. That being said, if you do go off plan, shake it off and control what you can. What is right in front of you. 🙂 

I guess my question is ... should I keep doing the WK5 macro break down for two weeks, or should I just ignore those days and move on to the WK6 plan?


I would not ignore them. Challenge yourself to get as close as possible. 

Well, I will try. But in the rare case that I did break the rules and didn't stick to the plan for a few days. What's the best thing to do to get back on track?


Jump right back on. Control what is right in front of you. So if your vacay ends on 3/25 for example. Go to the spread sheet and follow the macros for that day 🙂


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