Jaw alignment probl...

Jaw alignment problem  


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22/01/2019 2:49 am  

For about five years I've been clenching my jaw in my sleep. I've been wearing a splint every night for the past two years. This has stopped, but my molars eroding even further but don't stop the clenching. I feel muscular tension in my neck and shoulders. I often try to massage the jaw, which feels nice. I spoke to the dentist about it and he advised to reduce stress.

Some people said that Botox can help. But, I am worried whether it will cause muscle weakness and asymmetry in my face shape.

An orthodontist from Lexington once said that the only way to fix my overbite/jaw alignment is to undergo a tmj treatment.

I am worried whether this will become a big problem if the condition is left untreated. Please share your experiences!

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@bashile , I personally I have no experience with lock jaw or your other symptoms. I hope someone in the forums can give you some advice 🙂 Have you seeked out professional help? 

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I copied and pasted your question to my mom who has dealt with TMJ before and had a great doctor to help. I will paste verbatim what she wrote (bare with her, she's not a typer. lol) .......

Frist I wouldn't have any kind of surgery, never heard of Botox, from anyone that I saw. I think they need someone who specializes in TMJ, not a regular dentist,. Dr Seymour has a book he has written, I will send you a picture,

have a book that Dr Seymour wrote.You can send some of the pages to he , . There is a list of questions in this book.. Frist I wouldn't have surgery, never been told of Botox,.My one Dr too said get rid of stress,,if there is no disc like me then she's bone on bone, Hopefully she,he can find some one that is specifically is in TMJ,. Also Dr Seymour gave me muscle relaxers, and pain pills to help with the pain till it was gone

I have a photo of the book below that she talked about.


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19/02/2019 8:00 am  

Hey @bashile ! Just wanted to check in and see how your were doing 🙂 ?


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