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Non-Dairy Meal Planning  


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04/02/2019 11:22 pm  

Ok, I really, really want to follow this plan and no that I need to have few weeks of meal plans established before I dive in.  This is so overwhelming trying to find meals to fit macros exactly.  In addition, I need to avoid dairy.  I become constipated when I consume diary.   Please provide me recipes or meal plans that do not include dairy.  

What is the best way to make meal plans to fit your macros?  I don't even know where to start.  Do I just create a bunch of meals and begin plugging them into MyFitness Pal to see how the numbers come out?  HELP!

Jonathan Shane ( IG: @theketoroad )
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05/02/2019 8:08 am  

@lankylisa hey there! So I know meal planning can feel very overwhelming at first but its not near as hard as it seems up front. Ive been tracking for 6 years and I do it weather I am trying to lose weight or not. Its literally second nature to me now. Dairy is not at all needed on this WOE , I rarely consume any dairy at all and do just fine. @abby1885 has a good amount of dairy free recipes catered towards DSK peeps on her Instagram @ketokeuhnnutrition and her food blog (site is in Instagram bio ) if you would like to check that out. My best advice is to keep meals simple at first so they are easy to track. Let me know if you have anymore questions or need help understand a specific food and how to track it etc. 

AbbyBK (IG @ketokeuhnnutrition )
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05/02/2019 11:04 pm  

Jonathan, you're too kind. 🙂 

I can relate a little bit with meal planning, mostly now with my husband, as he feels like you do.

I personally go back and forth with meal planning. If I don't have a plan set and I'm tracking well, I can get overwhelmed, but I make it work. I forced myself to make it work, to get the results I wanted. I had the mindset of; I do this in order to get the results that I want and that I gave it my all. 

For when I meal plan, I try to hit my protein macros the same, then I would fill in the fats when needed. Do you allow butter? I love making fatty drinks. I also recently started to use avocado in my coffee. Butter or cacao butter is great in hot teas as well. 

With Jonathan mentioning that I'm on Instagram, I've been trying to show in my daily stories what I'm eating. Yeah, I have some dairy in there at times, but it's easy not to have also. I love a big bowl of ground beef.  😀 


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