Continuously droppi...

Continuously dropping weightt  


kaitlyne luttrell
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11/08/2019 4:43 pm  

I am finishing up week 1 and have been trending downwards and feel great with 80% fat. I am down 3.4 pounds this first week. Should I still do the increase in protein and decrease in fat or would 80% be my threshold?

Jonathan Shane ( IG: @theketoroad )
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12/08/2019 12:05 pm  

@kaitlyneluttrell Hello! So I am glad that you are feeling well and have already seen so much progress. I would say that a good sign that you've reached your threshold is that you actually stop losing weight. So I based off of your results, I would say you have not hit it yet.

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19/08/2019 5:13 am  

Glad that you lost weight. I think you can still see the progress in results if you do it further.


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