Gaining and bloated...

Gaining and bloated HELP!!  


Meghann LaBerge
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17/08/2019 8:39 am  

I am really trying to stay positive but since I’ve started in day one I have only gained weight, body fat, inches.  I was at 112 and I am at 118 and I knew I would gain some but I don’t feel good I feel fluffy and bloated. I look at pictures and I looked better b4. I was much leaner and less stressed about hitting macros. I want to trust the process but I am

super frustrated bc I feel fat!!! No I am not on my period for anyone wondering. My cycle was over a week ago. Not stressed, I even took the day off yday for myself and woke up thinking I would be smaller but no. Im big even measurements, bf% and weight? HELP pls 

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AbbyBK (IG @ketokeuhnnutrition )
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17/08/2019 2:45 pm  

I definitely know how frustrating this can be.

To remind myself, I looked at a few past posts from you. I believe on 7/23, you said that you were 115, up in weight by 3 pounds then. Now you are at 118, which is up again but nothing crazy for it being about 3.5 weeks. From reading that 1st post I re read what Jonathan had in there:

" So I for sure think on boarding is going to be good for you and letting your body heal is the goal. Now, 15.9% BF is quite low for a female. Your body just trying to heal may put on a little weight and that is OKAY. It will be a mix of muscle, glycogen and some body fat and its all healthy."

It looks like that is what your body is currently doing. 

If I remember right, last week you were still in phase 1 with trying to figure out your protein threshold and were looking at doing the week again to figure things out more as you were on vacation. I'm not sure if you went to phase 2 or not this week, as I see that you wrote this post under the phase 2 area. With how you are feeling, you may have hit your protein threshold. 

I'm also curious what are your current calories at? Also to get an idea of other things, how tall are you and how active are you during the day?

Meghann LaBerge
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17/08/2019 7:58 pm  

I did end up going into phase 2 bc I didn’t ever hear back from anyone. I pretty much felt like I hit my protein threshold. So into

my first week of phase 2 my cal1473 ,fat 131, protein 64 I am currently working out lifting pretty heavy 6 days a week and cardio is about 15-20 min, I’m about  5”3’

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Jonathan Shane ( IG: @theketoroad )
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21/08/2019 9:13 am  

@meghannlaberge I sent you a direct message to discuss in more depth. 🙂 


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