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InBody Scan Results and Transitioning to Phase 2  


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05/05/2019 7:06 pm  

Hello fellow DSKers! I just wanted to share the results of today's InBody scan because the numbers shocked me, and I hope they might be motivating to others, too. A quick rewind: I'm 2 days into Phase 2, having stayed in the first phase for a total of 6 weeks. I got my first InBody scan on day 1 of DSK, and today is day 44. Here are some of the results of hitting my macros and working in the gym for 6 weeks: my weight dropped from 186 lbs to 174 lbs; my body fat % dropped from 19.4 to 13.5; and my lean body mass went from 151.5 lbs to 151.9 lbs. These results far out measure any hopes or expectations I could have had for this point in the process. I've effectively lost 12.5 pounds of body fat, while adding half a pound of muscle! All this in just 6 weeks time.

I feel confident that by the 6th week in phase 1 I had found my protein threshold, as I began to bloat and actually gained 2.4 lbs on the scale. That all went away immediately upon adjusting my macros to begin phase 2. Just to note: I'm using the 0% method for the preferred fat % in the phase 2 spreadsheet, and looking forward to the increasing fat ratios coming in weeks ahead (missing my fat bombs lol). I've found the transitioning from phase 1 to 2 to be quite nuanced due to its dependence on the individual and the need to self-diagnose a protein threshold. I'm glad I pushed phase 1 through the sixth week though so I know what it feels like to hit the threshold.

Anyway, sorry for the book y'all, but I wanted to note this stuff publicly in case anyone might benefit from the information 🙂 Stay strong and keto on!

John C. Herceg

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This is awesome to hear. Glad things are going well for you. I also did the 0% method. 😉 I love me some fat.


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