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[Closed] Refeed Update: Get your Refeeds In 🙂  

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30/07/2018 8:53 pm  

On my Phase three spreed sheet it only populates the first week? The rest has what  call errors??

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30/07/2018 10:13 pm  

@bergerhthrb7  Hi!!  When I look at your spreadsheet, you have no X's entered for refeeds.  You need to enter an X (1 a week) for about 2-4 weeks worth.  You would pick a refeed day before your strongest workout.  (so it can fuel you!),  You would keep this up till your calories get too low.  (1300 for women).   As weekly calories get lower, weekly refeed calories get higher. These refeeds will allow you to push your body even further and drop more weight and body fat, & get the most out of this phase.   I hope this helps!!  Good Luck, & if you have more questions, just write back!!! 😀  😀  😀 

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31/07/2018 3:59 am  

Agreed. I noticed the X for refeed was missing. I am going to close this thread to keep one topic per thread. @bergerhthrb7 if you continue to have an issue you can open up a new topic/post under spreadsheet help. 


We are here for you just trying to keep the forums clean to make it easy for people searching. 




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