start of phase 3 de...

start of phase 3 decided  


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30/08/2019 1:11 pm  

i decided to start phase 3 this week and have already done my first refeed.  I have to admit I loved being able to eat more food!  I'm glad I decided to move forward.

my decision to move onto phase 3 was the ability of getting in 3 refeeds before moving into offboarding before my calories went below 1200.  as of right now, by the end of phase 3 my calories will be at just below 1300.

i would love to get my calories back up to around 2000 as my maintenance.  offboarding will only get me up to 1660.  Is then when I go to Onboarding, to get me up to my 2000 calories?  I do plan on repeating the entire protocol as i'm not at my goal how ever many times I need to.

I just want to make sure i'm going about this the right way.


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30/08/2019 2:18 pm  


For when the spreadsheet stops adding macros for you, you can add more yourself. That's what I did and go up to 2100 or so. I forget exactly.

I looked to see how much they went up each week previous and kept following that. Once you get higher up and feel safe about it, feel free to up your calories even more and see how your body reacts. Maybe instead of 50 calories each week, try 100 one week. If your body gains a bunch, then lower it to 50 calories. Only do this though after you feel comfortable doing so and after the sheet stops giving you macros.  You may find that you have a new maintenance as well.

Or maybe do go to the onboarding phase. and see what macros it gives you there.


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