wrapping up week on...

wrapping up week one  


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02/09/2019 9:23 pm  

I'm wrapping up my first week of phase 3 tomorrow and the lower calories are taking more of a toll on me than I thought.  At first I thought it was because of my cycle, but now i'm thinking it's not.  i'm currently at 1340 calories.  i haven't eaten this low of calories in like for evah!!  lol and i don't like it.  i'm hungry, want more food and am constantly grouchy and easily tired.  yes, i'm still taking my electrolytes.

i was going to try to push through one more week of phase 3 and one more refeed day and then on the start of week three go straight to offboarding. doing this will allow me to have completed 3 weeks of phase 3 and 2 refeeds.  does this seem appropriate? or go to offboarding after my second refeed, week 2?  i know i'm ready for offboarding...

AbbyBK (IG @ketokeuhnnutrition )
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02/09/2019 9:30 pm  

Just so others know. We were able to chat on IG when this question got posts. 🙂


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