14 Day Plan adjustm...

14 Day Plan adjustments  


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26/09/2018 8:49 pm  

Should I make adjustments to the 14 Day Plan, and if so how?  I am not sure what my requirements are or should be.  I am 52 years old, 136 lbs and 5'4".

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27/09/2018 4:02 pm  

Since I'm a little confused and I want to make sure on this. Did you sign up for the DSK Program or did you just download the free 14 Day Meal Plan?

If you signed up for Deeper State Keto, you would want to use the macro calculator on Robert's website.  http://ketosavage.com/keto-macro-calculator/

Robert, Keto Savage, walks you through how to use this tool also in this video:  https://deeperstateketo.com/lesson/how-to-find-your-macros/

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13/10/2018 6:46 pm  

I haven't signed up yet.  I have some issues with the plan because I can't do dairy, and I don't drink coffee.  There is a fair amount of coffee in the 14 day plan, and keto in general uses a ton of dairy.

Jonathan Shane ( IG: @theketoroad )
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14/10/2018 3:25 am  

@rosessmith99 I’m excited that your interested to join our DSK family!


let me be the first to say that the two things you are worried about are not cut throat on this program. Coffee is no necessary just an easy way to get fats in and help blunt appetite until later in the day. You can easily drink tea instead etc.

you don’t need dairy either. There are many dairy free alternatives-

Butter- coconut oil

heavy whipping cream- canned coconut milk 

yogurt- kite hill yogurt

cream cheese- kite hill cream cheese

they all have similar macros as well so it should be easy to hover around the 10 carbs mark no problem:)


 I hope this helps


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14/10/2018 7:47 pm  

Welcome @rosesmith99 to the DSK boards and family, as Jonathan stated above.

I like what he had to say but just to add some extra insight for you. I personally went through the program (I'm in offboarding right now) and I did this protocol with a period of it dairy free. I didn't even look for substitutes for it. You definitely can though!

I love coffee so I had that but it's 100% not needed as Jonathan said. Someone else who did this program likes tea more and she did that. However, it's still not needed to even add fats to drinks if you don't want to. 

The most important (Or one of the most important, I should say) thing in this program is hitting your macros each week. No dairy or coffee needed. 


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