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17/08/2018 6:30 am  

Just created another account, since I couldn't seem to re-activate my previous one. I've enjoyed looking at the food / motivational pics the past few days so hopefully I can repay that motivation once I am further down this road.



Rochelle Rosa
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25/08/2018 6:37 pm  

hi everyone you can now follow me on Instagram as keto_lioness. 

I'm into my second week of DSK and I am happy to be onboarding. I'm going to get up to 1,800 calories even though I'm only five feet tall and almost at my goal weight but I'm looking forward to building muscle before I begin phase one and two. I'm 67 years old and these pictures were taken of me today. 

Rochelle A Rosa

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28/08/2018 4:48 pm  

keto_kills_arthritis  Prepare yourself for lots of food and cat photos 😆  

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26/11/2018 6:19 pm  


Jonathan Shane ( IG: @theketoroad )
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05/12/2018 1:35 pm  

Hey DSK Fam!! I honestly didn't know this stickie existed ! My Instagram is @theketoroad! feel free to follow me. I do my best to add DSK friendly content daily wether it be food, recipes or a workout! 

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