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Exercise: Cross Body Concentration Curls

Target Muscle: Biceps


Grab the band at one end, allowing the other end to drop to the floor in front of you. Anchor the band under your right foot. Pull all of the slack out of the band and grab it with your right hand. Standing upright, with your arm at your side, there should not be any slack in the band. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Lean forward slightly and curl your right arm across your body bending only at your elbow. Supinate your hand as you complete the curl.

Return to the starting position and repeat for repetitions. Once you have completed this set you can immediately switch to the opposite arm, anchoring the band to the opposite foot. Follow the same instructions.

Do not rest between sets until you have completed a set for each arm. Then you can rest as needed for up to one minute. Repeat for multiple sets. 

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