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A Deeper State of Ketosis

What's Included:

50+ Videos

Instructional walk throughs, recipes, nutrition adjustments, and mindset videos.

The Deeper State Protocol

The unique value of this program. This three-phase nutrition system has been developed and tested to produce results.

Training Program

Three levels of training programs are included so you'll see results no matter your experience level.

Companion Course

You're not alone! We document our 90 day journey within the course, showing you exactly how we achieved our results.

Hunger Hack Recipes

A section dedicated to low-calorie, high volume keto recipes to keep you on track during those tough nights.

Member Forum Access

Join a supportive community where members can ask questions, share tips and tricks, and help one another achieve results.


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What To Expect

Watch this video to get an idea of the course content and what you can expect to take away from your 90-day journey.


In 90 days he,

Lost 26.4 pounds

  • Started at 197.4 lbs
  • Ended at 171.0 lbs

Lost 9% body fat

Increased productivity

Decreased weekly grocery bill by 50%


In 90 days she,

Lost eight pounds of body fat.

Gained two pounds of muscle

Identified food intolerances that were slowing her weight loss

Found a workout routine that her body responds to

What is the Deeper State Keto Protocol?

The Deeper State Keto Protocol uses a higher fat ratio than is typical of a keto diet to maximize fat loss while preserving muscle and increasing energy levels. This optimizes your body's ability to use fat for fuel, allowing you to shed pounds without the low energy feeling of traditional dieting. This is truly the most sustainable and efficient way to lose body fat and become highly keto adapted.

Sustained Fat Loss

Nutrition is adjusted every week so your body continues to change. Break the unhealthy dieting mindset and unlock the BEST way to lose body fat and keep it off.

Delicious Food

Recipes developed by best-selling cookbook authors and food bloggers. Weight loss doesn't always have to taste like rice cakes.


More Energy

Energy levels shoot through the roof as your body becomes highly KETO ADAPTED. You will be more productive in every area of your life in these 90 days than you've ever been before.

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Who We Are

Bodybuilder meets Foodies

The Deeper State Protocol is something I've developed and tested over the past three years. I was determined to compete at the highest level of bodybuilding, but was unwilling to partake in the unhealthy behaviors perpetuated by so many competitors. Using Deeper State Keto I won my pro card in 2017. Since then, hundreds of my clients have achieved incredible results using this program.

Robert Sikes

Professional Natural Bodybuilder


There are two types of people in the world... Those that eat to live, and those that live to eat. We both firmly fall into the second category. That's why we teamed up with Robert to put together this amazing fat loss resource. We run one of the top ketogenic food blogs in the world and are best selling cookbook authors. Losing weight isn't sustainable if you don't enjoy the food you're eating throughout the process. 

Matt & Megha

Keto Cookbook Authors and Food Bloggers


100% Money Back Guarantee

Here at Deeper State Keto we believe in providing value and doing everything in our power to get you the results you desire, which is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the course content, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email us to get the entire cost of the course refunded.

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