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    Hi @lauren or anyone that can help. I am currently logged in and can see the courses but when I click on any of the courses it asks me for my password again and I put it in and nothing happens. Is this what’s supposed to happen? Help please!

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    Please read your email from when you purchased the course isn’t out until tomorrow

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    None of the emails I got said anything about accessing the courses and when they would be available. I understand it starts tomorrow but I see all of these people that had already purchased are physically starting tomorrow so I thought that they already had access to everything otherwise how would they know what they macros are.

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    We use other macro calculators to determine our Macros and looking at the samplemeal plan a lot of people use that to plan.

    No one has access until they email us the password. You’re not missing out.

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    I can’t access my account. I purchased, registered, and logged in. When I try to access course, it says please purchase first. I did purchase and today is the 24th, still can’t access.

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    Max Havoc

    @trisha we’ll make sure Lauren see’s this post and she can get you squared away.

    @lauren,this lady could use your assistance

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    Hey Lauren, I am doing okay with the courses but for some reason I can’t access the 14 day meal plan from my email or from the course list.
    Is there any way I can have it emailed again? It was really useful. The “more freebies” email I received right before launch is not accessible at all either. Thanks!!

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    @wickedred65 – Email me at

    Thanks @max-havoc!

    @trisha – If you go to this link does it still say you have to purchase this program? If that is happening, please email and copy me at

    @keto-savage !!! Be on the look out for this email please! We’ll get you figured out, @trisha.

    Thanks and good luck, everyone!


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    @lauren I am having the same issue as @trisha. When I log in none of my courses show up. It did work when I clicked on the link that you posted above. But should I have to do that every time?

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