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    Looking to download Glitter and Doom (Live) [Remastered] album online ? Released: Nov 23, 2009 , Tom Waits launched Alternative album Glitter and Doom (Live) [Remastered].

    Album has 17 Songs, 1 Hour 13 Minutes available to download or listen

    Download here

    Album songs list:
    Lucinda / Ain’t Goin Down To the Well (Live in Birmingham, AL, 07/03/08) [Remastered] 5:36

    Singapore (Live in Edinburgh, Scotland, 07/28/08) [Remastered] 4:59

    Get Behind the Mule (Live in Tulsa, OK, 06/25/08) [Remastered] 6:25

    Fannin Street (Live in Knoxville, TN, 06/29/08) [Remastered] 4:15

    Dirt In the Ground (Live in Milan, Italy, 07/19/08) [Remastered] 5:17

    Such a Scream (Live in Milan, Italy, 07/18/08) [Remastered] 2:50

    Live Circus (Live in Jacksonville, FL, 07/01/08) [Remastered] 5:04

    Goin’ Out West (Live in Tulsa, OK, 06/25/08) [Remastered] 3:47

    Falling Down (Live in Paris, France, 07/25/08) [Remastered] 4:20

    The Part You Throw Away (Live in Edinburgh, Scotland, 07/28/08) [Remastered] 5:06

    Trampled Rose (Live in Dublin, Ireland, 08/01/08) [Remastered] 5:05

    Metropolitan Glide (Live in Knoxville, TN, 06/29/08) [Remastered] 3:09

    I’ll Shoot the Moon (Live in Paris, France, 07/24/08) [Remastered] 4:24

    Green Grass (Live in Edinburgh, Scotland, 07/27/08) [Remastered] 3:20

    Make It Rain (Live in Atlanta, GA, 07/05/08) [Remastered] 3:58

    Story (Live in Columbus, OH, 06/28/08) [Remastered] 2:01

    Lucky Day (Live in Atlanta, GA, 07/05/08) [Remastered] 3:50

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