Deeper State Experience – Matt

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    If you are willing to put in the work and stick to the plan, this nutrition protocol will get you the results you want.
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    This course forced me to make a mindset change from short term, drastic changes, to slow and sustained changes over a longer period of time. This forces your body to continue to adapt as you progress through the course. It also makes things easier. You don't cut out calories and increase cardio all at once, shocking your body and killing your motivation. Thinking about body recomposition as a sustainable process is a key takeaway for me.
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    I became a machine for the first time in my life. I was so honed into my routine after the first few weeks that there was nothing that could stop me.
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    I have a huge sense of accomplishment. Completing this 90 day program and proving to myself that I could do it was far more valuable than the physical results...although those were great too. 

**Use the 14 day meal plan as a template, not as an exact guide. You will need to make adjustments based on the foods you enjoy, your caloric intake, and what you have available in your area. The key idea is to try out the Deeper State macro ratio and see how you feel. Decide if this is something you think is sustainable for you.

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