Rolling/Lying Leg Raises


Exercise: Rolling Leg Raises

Target Muscle: Lower Abdominals

Description: Lay flat on your back on the ground. Make sure the surface under your tailbone is padded/cushioned. I use a yoga mat and fold it so that it is twice as thick under my tailbone when I perform this movement. Stretch your arms out overhead and lift your heels a few inches off the ground. Using your abdominals to raise your feet/legs straight up, keeping your legs straight. As you raise your legs also raise your arms straight up at the same time, going towards meeting your feet directly above you. Once your legs are pointing straight up, with the bottoms of your feet facing the sky, contract your lower abdominals to curl your trunk off of the ground, bringing your feet back further until you are able to touch your hands to your feet. Lower your feet/legs to the ground in the same manner that you raised them, until you reach the point where there are a few inches off of the ground. Do not rest your feet/legs on the ground. As you lower your feet/legs, also lower your arms back to the starting position. At this point repeat the movement.

I like to incorporate abdominal exercises as the last exercises in my workout routine since you utilize your abdominals for stabilization while performing other exercises. I also like to perform this movement for 3-5 sets taken to failure.

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