Standing Overhead Tricep Extension


EXERCISE: Standing Overhead Tricep Extension


Grab one end of the resistance band and let the other end drop to the floor. Step on the band with your right foot, anchoring the band on this foot. Grab the other end of the loop with your right hand. Bring the band up to shoulder level and press straight overhead.

Bend at the elbow, bringing your lower arm behind your head, keeping your upper arm static and elbow facing to the sky. Bring your lower arm as far down as possible, and you should feel a deep stretch in your tricep. Pause for a moment, then extend your lower arm back to the starting position straight overhead. Repeat for repetitions.

Then switch to your other arm. Anchor the band under your left foot, grabbing the other end of the band with your left hand. Follow the same instructions.

You do not need to rest until you have completed a set for each arm. At that point I will typically rest for 30 seconds to a minute before beginning another set.

This movement is an excellent mass builder for the tricep. I like to perform this exercise at the beginning of my triceps workout.

Use a resistance that is challenging, but also lets you perform the exercise with proper form.

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