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Single Arm Shoulder Press:

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab one end of the resistance band, allowing the other end to drop to the floor. Anchor the band under your right foot. Grab the opposite end of the band with your right hand. Bring your right hand up to shoulder level. The band should lay across your right palm with your palm facing forward. Position the band so that it is behind your arm. Place your left arm/hand at your side or on your left hip. Whatever position makes you feel most stable.

With your core tight, press your right hand straight overhead until your right arm is fully extended above your head. After a brief pause at full extension, slowly lower your right hand back to at least ear level. Repeat for repetitions.

Once your set is complete you can immediately transition to your left hand, anchoring the band under your left foot. Resting between these two sets is not necessary. Follow the same instructions above for your left hand.

After you complete a set for each arm, then you can rest for up to one minute. Repeat for multiple sets.

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