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Tricep Kickback:
Grab one end of the resistance band and let the other end drop to the floor. Step on the band with one foot, anchoring the band under that foot. Split your stance with the foot that is anchoring the band in front and your opposite foot behind you.

Lean forward, keeping your chest upright, and look straight ahead. Grab the band with one of your hands, with an overhand grip. Bring that arm behind you, where your upper arm is parallel with the ground. Keep your upper arm in that position. Moving only at the elbow, extend your lower arm backward until your entire arm is parallel to the ground. Bend at the elbow and begin returning to were your lower arm is perpendicular to the ground. Stop short of losing tension in the band and begin your next rep (I find this is usually at around the halfway point). Repeat for repetitions.

Full range of motion is not as important with this movement. You want to keep constant tension on the tricep.

This exercise is an isolation movement, so going heavy isn’t the goal. Choose a resistance level that is challenging, but where you can perform the exercise with proper form.
After completing this exercise switch to the opposite arm, anchoring the band to the opposite foot, and repeat.

You do not need to rest between sets until you have completed a set for each arm. Then take no more than one 1 minute of rest. Repeat for multiple sets.

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