Program Review: The Juggernaut Method

We've been lifting seriously for the past 2 years, and over that time we have tried a bunch of different programs and methodologies. For the past 8 months we have been using the Juggernaut Method and have achieved our best results to date! The Juggernaut Method was created by Chad Wesley Smith, a very accomplished power lifter. To get a full understanding of the program I would recommend picking up the kindle version of the book for $9: The Juggernaut Method 2.0.

Why We Love This Powerlifting Program

Submaximal Training

The Juggernaut Method uses submaximal training which was a new concept to us. This means you will only be performing 1 max effort set per major lift, per month. So that's 1 max effort set of bench press, deadlift, squat and overhead press per month. The rest of the time you are working well below your training maxes, while still progressively overloading each training session. This kept us motivated to keep beating our previous lifts without burning out from training at our maxes each session.

Rep Ranges Change Monthly

The program is divided into "waves". Each month of the 4 month program has a different rep range for the compound lifts. The rep ranges are 10, 8, 5, and 3 which means as you progress through the program you are working closer to your training maxes. For beginners it is recommended that you use the standard wave structure laid out in the program, starting with the 10 rep wave. This means you'll have less weight on the bar and can focus heavily on form to begin with. For more advanced lifters it is recommended that you use the "Inverse Juggernaut Method" which reduces the rep range on the first 2 waves. The first time we went through the program we used the default structure, the 2nd time we used the inverse method.

Set it and Forget it

While this is true of most programs, The Juggernaut Method takes all the guess work out of your training sessions. At the end of each wave you will have an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) set, which is used to calculated your weight for the next wave. It's completely automated! We preferred this to other strength programs that require you to try and beat your previous weeks max each training session. 

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The Juggernaut Method Results!

We've gone through this program twice now, but lets just talk about our results from the first round. 


Experience: Casual lifter for 3 years. No experience power lifting.

Starting Max Lifts

Bench: 40lbs

Squat: 45lbs

Deadlift: 85lbs

Overhead Press: 35lbs

Total: 205lb

Final Max Lifts

Bench: 75lbs

Squat: 115lbs

Deadlift: 140lbs

Overhead Press: 55lbs

Total: 385lbs


Experience: Casual lifter for 8 years. No experience power lifting.

Starting Max Lifts

Bench: 195lbs

Squat: 215lbs

Deadlift: 335lbs

Overhead Press: 105lbs

Total: 850lbs

Final Max Lifts

Bench: 250lbs

Squat: 300lbs

Deadlift: 405lbs

Overhead Press: 135lbs

Total: 1,090lbs

Beginners Workout Program

While this isn't what you would typically consider a beginners program, we would definitely recommend it as one. As beginners ourselves we had amazing improvements in all of our lifts. What's even more important than those increases is how our form improved and our passion for power lifting remained strong throughout the duration of the program. In fact, we liked it so much we started it all over again as soon as we finished it the first time. 

While there's plenty of good strength training programs out there, The Juggernaut Method is the best one we've tried so far. To learn more about the specifics of the program pick up the kindle book and download the program template spreadsheet. Let us know how you like the program if you end up giving it a try!

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