Bodyweight Chest Dips - Grab two, even, parallel bars in each hand that are positioned so that your hands are[...]
Grab the resistance band, placing your hands on either side of the inside of the band, with palms facing out.[...]
Standing beneath the pull-up bar, reach up and grab the bar with a slightly wider than shoulder width grip, palms[...]
Tricep Kickback:Grab one end of the resistance band and let the other end drop to the floor. Step on the[...]
Single Arm Shoulder Press:Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab one end of the resistance band, allowing the other[...]
Standing Chest Press Description:Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Place your hands on the inside of the band, palms[...]
STANDING OVERHEAD TRICEP EXTENSION DESCRIPTION:EXERCISE: Standing Overhead Tricep ExtensionTARGET MUSCLE: TricepsGrab one end of the resistance band and let the[...]
CROSS BODY CONCENTRATION CURLS DESCRIPTION:Exercise: Cross Body Concentration CurlsTarget Muscle: BicepsDescription: Grab the band at one end, allowing the other end[...]
ANCHORED PREACHER CURLS DESCRIPTION:Exercise: Anchored Bicep CurlTarget Muscle: BicepsDescription:Anchor the resistance band at shoulder/chest level. Grab the Resistance Band with[...]
ROLLING/LYING LEG RAISE EXERCISE DESCRIPTION:Exercise: Rolling Leg RaisesTarget Muscle: Lower AbdominalsDescription: Lay flat on your back on the ground. Make[...]
UPRIGHT ROW DESCRIPTION:Exercise: Upright RowsTarget Muscle: ShouldersDescription: Anchor the resistance band under both feet, standing with a shoulder width stance.[...]
ARCHER PULLS DESCRIPTION: This exercise is a unilateral movement targeting the upper back. It can be incorporated into your program[...]