Importance Of Weight Lifting For Women 

Weight lifting has an extreme benefit for anyone, especially women.  Have you ever had a man say to you, “want me to do that for you”, “oh, let me handle that”, so on and so forth. We as women are capable of such things and all it takes in a little toning up and muscle building.  We will go over the truths about weight lifting and cover some of the misunderstandings about weightlifting for women.  If you have been interested in beginning a weight lifting program, I highly suggest you read this article all the way through.

Before you dive into lifting for the first time my suggestion is to make sure you are working with someone who can help you move with proper form.  Proper form is extremely important for the overall health of your body.  Generally, there are trainers at every gym that are willing to help you for free!  If you aren’t using a gym, you can use an online trainer or watch videos on form before you perform the exercise.  Now, let's get started on all the benefits.

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Mental Health

Many of us have heard about the “feel good hormones” you release when weight lifting or exercising, but what are they really?  When you weight lift your body increases serotonin output as well as endorphins and dopamine. Serotonin is responsible for your mood, sleep, and appetite.  Increasing your serotonin with exercise can greatly affect all areas of life and help many bouts of depression or anxiety. The endorphins are the feelings you get following a workout. That good feeling of endorphins also includes dopamine which is the offset for the “monoamine hypothesis”.  The Monoamine hypothesis is the hypothesis that lower levels of monoamine encourages depression because of the lack in serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine in the system.

Increased Fat Loss

So many women believe that cardio is the primary factor when trying to lose weight, but they are mistaken. Yes, cardio is wonderful and has many benefits but resistance training can be even more advantageous.  It's true, you may burn more calories during a cardio workout than a weight training session.  However, what people don’t mention is that your body stays in a fat burning state and your metabolism is higher much longer after a weight training workout.  With weight lifting you will gain muscle (and not that bulky muscle you are afraid of) which leads to more fat burning.  Let me explain, when you are weight training you are building lean mass.  When you build lean mass, you burn calories more efficiently and quickly.  If you are trying to build, this allows you to intake more calories on a daily basis. If you are trying to reduce body fat, this will aid in that as well.  Your metabolism will be higher even while doing everyday activities.  The best way to see the true benefits of this is to keep a consistent schedule with the gym.

Physically Stronger

Now, obviously if you are building muscle you will be building strength. Well, what if you don’t want to be a bodybuilder or powerlifter?  That’s ok!  Resistance training will help with everyday chores such as lifting children, washing dishes, loading groceries, playing with children, and all your normal daily activities. How nice would it be if all those tasks were just a tad bit less exhausting?  Training your muscles with weight lifting can also aid in helping your current love of whatever sport you may be a part of (golf, tennis, swimming, skiing, etc.).  Another benefit would be increased flexibility which we can all use more of to help reduce risk of injury.  Resistance training is also known to increase energy levels which will allow you to better accomplish all that you have to do in a day.

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Bone Density, Arthritis & Health

As we age health, health declines.  Women in general are known for getting weaker in the bones (porous bone) which is called osteoporosis.  Studies have shown that resistance training long term can actually help increase bone density and protect the bone you currently have.  Weight lifting has now been proven as a helpful factor in arthritis as well.  Weight training helps to lubricate the joints and strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints.  It also helps control some of the swelling and pain.  Weight training has been proven to help with many different health factors within the cardiovascular system and digestive system.  Exercise in general gets your blood pumping and your organs moving.  Have a diagnosis?  First thing you should ask is if resistance training of any sorts could be beneficial.

Curves In All The Right Places

Many women are fearful of weight lifting.  They are taught to believe if they start to lift heavy weights they will get “bulky”.  This is incorrect.  It is actually extremely hard for women to become bulky or have bulging muscles because we simply do not make as much of the hormone that encourages this type of building.  You have to have been training for years and years and generally supplementing hormones as well in order to get the way most women fear.  "Toning up" should be synonymous with building muscle. You can not tone anything without having adequate muscle tissue.  Building muscle is great for overall health but great for getting that perfect defined shape you are looking for.  Want a booty?  Build it.  Want a tiny waist?  Build it.  Want to be thick and curvy?  Build it.  There are many different styles of resistance/weight training and many different ways to get the look you have always wanted.  You just have to work a little for it.  Now, I challenge you to get up and go do some weight training.  Doesn’t have to be anything crazy.  Studies show that even 1-2 hours a week of resistance training can highly improve a woman's life.  I recommend splitting that up between 3-6 days a week or whatever you have time for.  A little goes a long way.  Now, get to lifting!

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